Resources EM Preparation

Protocols and Procedures

Applications, Techniques, and Protocols

Product and technical information. The technical information includes papers MMA embedding and staining procedures.

From: Energy Beam Sciences
Energy Beam Sciences
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Electron Microscopy Sciences Technical Data Sheets

A collection of almost 100 information sheets for a wide variety of EM plastic resins, fixatives, and other products used in sample preparation.

From: Electron Microscopy Sciences
Electron Microscopy Sciences
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EM Lab Manua For Biological Electron Microscopy

Laboratory manual for BIO 5050L/7050L taught at the University of Georgia by John Shields. The extensive manual includes is a compilation of procedures for scanning and transmission electron microscopy of biological specimens. Included are protocols for transmission electron microscopy and critical point drying procedures for scanning electron microscopy.

From: Georgia Electron Microscopy, University of Georgia
Georgia Electron Microscopy, University of Georgia
Authors: John Sheilds
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The origins and evolution of freeze-etch electron microscopy

From: , Washington University School of Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine
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Technical Overviews

TEM Sample Preparation Guide

Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) guide in English and French includes thinning, cleaving, polishing, and replicating of materials as well as ultramicrotomy and tissue staining.

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EM Sample Preparation Leica Science Lab

The electron microscopy preparation tutorials includes brief introduction to the techniques of critical point drying, freeze substitution, high-pressure freezing, glass knife making, and sample coating written by the Leica staff. abstracts that are linked to publications. Webinars are available on demand and require registration.

From: Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH
Leica Microsystems CMS GmbH
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Diatome Handling and Use Manual

Includes information on diamond knives for cryo-ultramicrotomy, low angle diamond knives, as well as knives for light microscopy and histology.

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Conventional Scanning Electron Microscopy of Bacteria

This article covers the basics of fixation, dehydration, drying, and mounting techniques to prepare specimens of bacteria for examination in an electron microscope. There are many example images and a discusion of false colorization.

From: , Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre
Authors: Miloslav Kaláb, Ann-Fook Yang,
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Lectures and Videos

Thomas Reese: Visualizing Synaptic Signaling

Dr. Reese recaptulates 40 years of research using electron microscopy to study synaptic signaling. To visual the synape recycling John Heuser and Reese developed a preparation technique of freeze-ething.

From: NINDS Structural Cell Biology Section, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
NINDS Structural Cell Biology Section, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
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History of Microscopy

A Study of Fixation for Electron Microscopy

This article by George Palade describes the first use of osmium tetoxide as a tissue fixative for transmission electron microscopy.

Authors: Palade, G.E. 1952. A study of fixation for electron microscopy. J. Exp. Med. 95:285-298.
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