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Investigations & Applications

Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy of Snow Crystals

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Samples of snow are studied by scanning electron microscopy to determine grain size and morphology at the Beltsville of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Grain size and morphology are factors in estimating the water content of winter packed snow. Correlation with remote sensing is used for predication of flooding and estimating water supply. Images are in the public domain and available for use with proper citation.



7 Normal Things That Become Horror Movies Under a Microscope

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Ever wonder what a strawberry or Pop-Tart looks like at high magnification using a scanning electron microscope? Or why passing a kindey stone can be so painfull?

Introductions and Briefs

An Introduction to Electron Microscopy

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The web version is a brief introduction that includes history and overview of the types of electron microscopes. The pdf version contains details on the instruments and the components, diagrams and stunning images. A power point presentation is available for classroom learning.
Source: FEI Company