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A. F. Moodie and J. C. H. Spence<br />Memoir of John M. Cowley

"As many of his colleagues can attest, the wave nature of the electron was no remote or discouragingly abstract conception to him. Peering at the viewing screen while he manipulated the controls of an electron microscope, he could be seen to be thinking in terms of wave functions. "

In the memoir of John M. Cowley, A. F. Moodie and J. C. H. Spence describe Cowley's remarkable scientific acumen. His insight to the underlying physics is described as eerie and that allowed him to explain phenomenon in a simple but decisive mathematical language.

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John Maxwell Cowley 1923–2004

John Cowley made important theoretical, experimental, and instrumentation development contributions to high resolution electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, and the use of electron scattering for structure analysis. He had an extraordinary ability to explain processes and his book Diffraction Physics remains the authoritative work on techniques of scattering electrons, X-rays, or neutrons.

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