• A new technique using stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy and metabolic labeling images new synthesized protein in live cells. Learn more... Lu Wei of Columbia University

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Our mission is to make the best microscopy resources easily available to scientists, researchers, sales consultants, and students in a single location. The resources are evaluated and verified.


The Guide to Microscopy was started in 1996 and was the heart of website Microworld Resources and News. It was moved to microscopy.info in 2004.

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Know of a great resource that is available online? Anyone can submit a publication, video, website, power point presentation, webinar, or tutorial for inclusion in this section. Organizations, news releases and events can also be submitted. Just create a login and the submit forms can be found in the in the user's interface.

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All resources listed in this site are available online and free of charge. Included are the best articles, videos, websites, and more that are logically organized by microscopy technique or field of application.