Buyers Guide: Stains and Slide Staining and Drying

Staining Apparatus

Electron Microscopy Sciences

Prisma® Slide Stainer
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Prisma Slide Stainer features continuous loading with multiple loading and unloading stations. It is suitable for histology and cytology.

Stainmate Bi-Linear Batch Stainers
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Programmable and modular linear batch stainers that programmable. Racks can pass to another staining mode, dish or drying unit.

Staining dishes
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Staining Apparatus including slide staining trays, racks, jars, and dishes.

Stains for Light and Electron Microscopy

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Chemicals for Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy and Histology for all of your staining needs. Dyes and Stains for histology and prepared staining solutions are also available.