Buyers Guide: Tissue Processing and Laboratory Microwave Ovens

EMS 9000 Laboratory Microwave Oven

Electron Microscopy Sciences Web Link

State-of-the-art laboratory microwave oven for sample fixation, staining, dehydration, polymerization, decalcification, and impregnation prior to light or electron microscopy. Microwave processing with the EMS 9000 will reduce processing time in your procedures including immunohistological and cytochemistry. The microwave features precise control of cycles, 825 watt nominal output with variable wattage, multiple running modes, fail safe interlock forced exhaust system, 5 bubble mixing ports and an adjustable temp probe.

PELCO BioWave Pro

Ted Pella, Inc. Web Link

PELCO BioWave Pro represents world leading technology in microwave tissue processing offering superb temperature control, real time saving and quality results.