Buyers Guide: Embedding Resins, Molds, and Capsules

Fluorophore-Infiltrated Resin Microscopy

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FIRM's brightly fluorescent dye infiltrates resin and provides high contrast and resolution imaging of resin embedded tissue structures in negative relief. Perfect for high contast image phenotyping, previewing TEM samples, and for material and food science analytical microscopy.

Embedding Mountants and Adhesives

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Electron Microscopy Capsules and Holders
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BEEM® capsules, holders, and press, flat molds, and holders for embedding for electron microscopy.

Media Kits for Tissue
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Araldite, Durcupan, EMbed-812, Epo-fix, Hard-Plus Resin-812, Micro-Bed™, Unicryl, and Technovit Methyl Methacrylate and Glycol Methacrylate.

Materials, Metals, and Geological
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Embedding supplies for materials including media and molds. Adhesives and mountants including Cargille meltmounts and Crystalbond™ Wafer-Mount™.