Buyers Guide: Glass Slides, Coated Slides for MicroArray

Microscope Slides

Electron Microscopy Sciences

Microscope Slides
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Borosilicate, soda lime, Permanox™ and Polystyrene Microscope Slides, Printed Slides, Poly-L-Lysine Coated and Silane Treated.

Cover Slips and Micro glasses
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Clear borosilicate cover glasses, German glass cover slips for culturing cells, quartz coverslips, and Superslip micros glasses for your coverslipper.

Lab-Tek® Chambered Slides
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Chamber slides for microscopy of in situ cell culture. Available in standard soda lime glass slide or Permanox® plastic sealed with a silicone gasket.

Microscope slides and cover slips

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light microscope applications: available in quartz, glass and plastic. Large selection of microscope storage boxes for the slides.

Glass Bottom Sterile Culture Dishes

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Glass Bottom Sterile Culture Dishes - high quality thin bottom for fluorescence and confocal microscopy, culture, petri, and permanox dishes, and NetWell tissue processing.