Buyers Guide: Cryo Preparation Supplies

Cryopreparation accessories

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A complete line of cryo preparation products is available including vials, racks, and storage boxes. CryoVial® are made from specially formulated polypropylene that is certified Rnase-free and will store biological material, human or animal cells, at temperatures as low as -190°C. Freezer storage includes durable polypropylene racks, polycarbonate freezer boxes, and freezer storage cardboard boxes and dividers for use with stainless steel freezer racks. Cryo preparation accessories including cooling chambers, UV cryo chambers, tissue freezing medium, quick freeze, cryo gloves, aprons, Cryo-Babies® labels, markers, and dewars.

Diamond Trimming Tool and Static Line Ionizer


With our exclusive Diamond Trimming Tool and Static Line Ionizer in combination with our Cryo diamond knives, it is now possible to achieve perfect ribbons of ultra-thin cryo sections.

Cryo Preparation Supplies

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Cryo preparation supplies including cryo grid boxes, Vitrobot consumables, cryo gloves, Aprons, face shield, LN2 dewars, PELCO cryo spray, Coolracks, cryo diamond knives and UV cryo chamber.