Buyers Guide: Cryo Preparation Systems including SEM

Rapid Immersion Plunge Freezer

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The EMS-002 achieves ultra-rapid cooling by quenching the sample in liquid propane or other cryogen, cooled to near liquid nitrogen temp by using a stainless steel vacuum insulated Dewar and copper condensation chamber.

Freeze Substitution Kit

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EMS Freeze substitution kit enables low temperature dehydration and fixation of rapidly frozen cells of a small volume of cell in as little as 90 minutes instead of days. Cells such as cuticles or thick cell wall that have significant diffusion barriers or a larger volume can extend the time to 3 hours. The kit is based on the work of Webb & McDonald, (2011) Freeze Substitution in 3 hours or less. J Microscopy 243, 227-233.

Freeze Driers for SEM and TEM Preparation

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The EMS 775 Turbo Freeze Dryer operates at temperatures down to -140°C and employs a Turbomolecular pumping unit, backed by a Rotary Vacuum pump. The lower temperatures are achieved by using a Liquid Nitrogen fed Cold Stage.