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LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor for Histology and Electron Microscopy

LYNX II Automated Tissue Processor

LYNX II is a batch tissue processing system for electron microscopy or histology. There are 24 reagent vials for electron microscopy processing and for histology processing 12 larger size reagent vials Samples are mounted on the sample arm and reagents are loaded on the reagent carousel. The LYNX II process the sample based on the selected program. The reagent carousel is rotated until the pre selected reagent is at the processing station. The sample is lowered in the reagent and the LYNX II periodically moves the sample arm to provide agitation and applies vacuum infiltration when the agitation is not in progress according to the program. Once the programmed time is over for a reagent is over, the sample is raised and the next reagent is rotated in the processing station.

There are 10 programs for electron microscopy and 10 programs for Histology processing which can include paraffin. Programs can be edited on a computer and transferred to the Lynx II. Plastic or metal containers can be used depending on chemical compatibility and heat transfer. The sytem has built-in fume extraction and the ability to connect the discharge hose to lab exhaust system

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