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ChromaCal™ Color Calibration System

ChromaCal™ Color Calibration System

A fundamental problem in brightfield microscopy imaging is consistent rendering of colors between microscopes, cameras and monitors. Color is critical to the dentification and interpretation of images from optical microscopes.

The Datacolor ChromaCal™ system is an innovative color calibration system that standardizes color in digital images produced through optical microscopes. The system enables a microscopists to establish and preserve the color integrity of their digital transmitted, brightfield microscopy images.

Datacolor ChromaCal™ integrates three components to establish a color profile for the microscopy system:

  • Proprietary software
  • Color calibration microscope slide
  • Computer monitor calibration device

Together, the Datacolor ChromaCal™ system establishes a color profile for the microscopy system and applies that profile to your specimen images to ensure consistent and reliable color representation. The outcome is improved comparability of images and enhanced communication and collaboration for better decision making.

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