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Zygo Corporation acquired by AMETEK, Inc.

AMETEK, Inc. and Zygo Corporation have announced a merger agreement in which AMETEK will acquire Zygo's common stock at a price of $19.25 per share. The transaction is expected to close near the end of the second quarter of the 2014 calendar year. The Board of Directors of Zygo voted unanimously in favor of the merger.

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High-Resolution Electron Microscopy in Graphene Liquid Cells and Sandwiches

A graphene sandwich was used to create a liquid cell that encapsulated hydrated ferritin immersed in water. The hydrated sample could be characterized using a scanning transmission electron microscope and EELS, where the electrons easily passed through the graphene. The researchers were able to demonstrate a reduction of the valence of the iron at nanometer resolution.

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New Technique for Viewing Grain Boundarries in Monolayer MoS2

A research group headed by Xiang Zhang at the University of California a t Berkeley has developed an optical microscope imaging technique for observing crystal orientation and grain boundaries in monolayer molydenum disulfide based on second-harmonic generation (SHG) light emissions.


Three Atom Nanowires Created in Electron Microscope

Using a finely focused beam of electrons in a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM)to manipulate atoms Junhao Lin created wires three atoms wide in a transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs).


Diatome Diamond Knives

Quotes / About Microscopy and From Microscopists

  • "'What are you going to do as a graduate student?' He just assumed that I was going to be one. He started talking about the electron microscope. I had never heard of such an animal, so it intrigued me. I guess within hours I decided to look at the electron microscopes as a career. "
  • "A lot of the other companies, including GE, told me about their retirement plans and their beautiful new laboratories and not much about electron microscopy, but Zworykin showed me an old abandoned factory building. It was really a decrepit place. He asked me how soon can I build a microscope. "
  • "People had theoretically showed it could be done, but no one thought the instrument was practical. Theory showed that if you had enough electrons hitting a specimen to achieve the magnification you needed, you would burn the specimen."
  • "There was no physical law to prevent it."